How do I get Started?
View our website and complete the short CRNA Contact Form, or contact us
for any information concerning your locum or permanent placement needs. 
From our website, download and complete all application materials. Mail or fax
entire application (including 3 completed professional reference forms) with
copies of other materials listed (licenses etc.).  At any time contact us either
by email or phone with any questions or assistance needed. We will then work
with you to find your personal locum or permanent placement assignment.

What is the income of a locum CRNA?
The average going hourly rate is $90 - $110 depending on the location and
institution.  Many national placed assignments include meal, lodging, and travel
expenses, which compliment the attractive salary.

How long are typical assignments?
Assignments are normally contracted to each individual CRNA's availability. 
From per-diem to national 3-6 month contracts; you decide.  Permanent placement
normally mandates at least a year commitment related to a given signing bonus.

How can Coastal help with permanent placement?
All you do is pick the location and we do all the legwork.  We will deal with the
institutions and find a location and facility that meets your overall professional
and personal needs.  At Coastal we are CRNA's, so we understand your needs
as a professional CRNA.

How do I get out of state licensure?
Contact the state you wish to get licensed (National Council of State Boards of Nursing). 
Let them know you are a CRNA and need a RN and advanced practice application.  
Some states offer temporary licensure or walk throughs, and can save valuable time. 
Several states have formed a nurse licensure compact.  This allows a nurse to practice
in all the compact states under one nursing license.  These states include Arizona,
Arkansas, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Maryland, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Mexico,
North Carolina, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, and Vermont. 
Each of these individual states requires a separate advanced practice RN license.


How does working as a locum effect my taxes?
While working as a locum (independent contractor) you will have many
tax-deductible benefits.  These include all insurance premiums, travel, and meals
to name a few.  As an independent contractor you will need to pay your own taxes,
including federal, state, social security and Medicare.  Many contractors pay these
taxes on a quarterly basis.  For more details Coastal has a tax advisor and accountant
available for your assistance.


What about health insurance?
Many people's health care needs are different.  Some people need extensive coverage
including families and some need the most basic coverage.  COBRA coverage from a previous
 employer can be utilized usually up to 18 months following employment.  COBRA can be more
expensive than finding your own coverage.  Network for healthcare coverage.  Network by
contacting major healthcare providers, your present auto/homeowner provider, other independent
contractors for their provider, or check online resources like (finds the best quote).

Coastal is currently working on group discounted rates. 

Can I contribute to a retirement fund?
As an independent contractor you can put away a substantial amount of pre-taxed income into
retirement account, such as SEP IRA's (up to $40,000 in some cases).  Contact your personal
tax advisor, or we can refer you to our company advisor, for more information.


Explain Travel and Accommodations for nationally placed assignments?
Travel reimbursement varies on facility, and can include mileage or airfare arrangements. 
Accommodations usually vary on length of assignment.  Short contracts normally equivalent
to a Holiday INN, and long contracts an equivalent to a furnished apartment or condominium. 
Daily meal allowances are also an added bonus on some assignments.


What about malpractice insurance?
As an independent contractor you will be responsible for your own malpractice insurance. 
Many institutions require a policy with at least $ 1 million per occurrence and $3 million aggregate. 
If  planning on working per-diem assignments in the same state as your present employer, check
 with your current policy holder.  Normally, an active policy will cover you for the entire state of employment.

The AANA offers malpractice coverage. Call 1-(800)- 343-1368

                    Coastal is currently working on providing daily and weekly malpractice coverage.